European First Year Experience (EFYE)


Date: 04/04/2016 – 06/04/2016
Location: Ghent, Belgium
Attendees: Sven Charleer (KUL), Tinne De Laet (KUL), Rebecca Edwards (NTU) Ed Foster (NTU), Sarah Lawther (NTU), Maartje van de Bogaard (UL)

Maartje van den Bogaard, Tinne De Laet, Rebecca Edwards and Sarah Lawther conducted a pre-conference session entitled “Using learning analytics to improve student retention” alongside Tom Broos from KU Leuven and Jan-Paul van Staalduinen from TU Delft. The workshop explored key issues about using learning analytics to improve student outcomes.

Ed Foster co-ran a pre-conference session entitled “The FYE body of work is arguably 117 years old, how up to date are you?” with Diane Nutt, international chair of the EFYE. The workshop covered a wide range of issues including the use of learning analytics.

The EFYE network kindly agreed to allow us to use the annual conference as a key opportunity to disseminate research findings.